• Foster, Noel. 2010. Mauritania: The Struggle for Democracy. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner.
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    • Reviewed in the International Journal of African Historical Studies
    • Abstract
      Why did a clique of Mauritanian officers risk their lives to overthrow the autocrat they had served for twenty years, only to cede power to an elected civilian? And having won acclaim for their commitment to a process of democratic transition, why did most of these officers join a year later to overthrow the newly elected president? Had the international community been fooled by a military junta—or was it complicit in creating an elaborate pseudo-democratic facade? Drawing on numerous interviews and field research in an Islamic republic wracked by ethnic tensions, terrorism, dire poverty, and the living legacy of slavery, I address these questions to reveal the complex forces at work in Mauritania’s long struggle for better governance.

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  • “Polarization for Paralysis: How Revisionist States Weaponize Information to Shift Foreign Political Behaviors”
    • Honorable Mention, Timothy E. Cook Award for Best Graduate Student Paper in Political Communication, American Political Science Association
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  • “Nationalist Language Processing: Government Messaging and Public Support for Defense Spending in Taiwan.” (with Marc Ratkovic and Zenobia Chan)

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